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Welcome. My name is Yolanda Nagy, CEO of Eatin' and Sippin' Locally.

 I am a Marketing Consultant for the Farmers Markets and a Social Media Manager. 

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I travel all over Texas visiting outdoor markets and pop-up events because I am so passionate about supporting and promoting local small businesses. As a marketing consultant, I study small companies and identify what makes them succeed and what's holding them back.

Marketing with social media is a powerful tool that brings awareness to your business and helps you sell your products.

 Let’s work together and build a strong presence for yourself across the social media landscape, inviting new followers and driving sales!



Why investing in social media marketing is essential to your business:

1. Improved brand awareness

2. Engage with your customers

3. Improved brand loyalty

4. Increased traffic

5. Enhanced SEO rankings

Let me help you understand the beginner steps of building your business on social media.  Privately, you and I will work together, hands-on at YOUR PACE.

I have helped people with no knowledge of social media start their Instagram, and now they are successfully promoting their business.

Sign up for a 30 min consultation. Together we will go over your account and work on moving your business in the right direction.


“If you want to invest in something with minimum risk and a guaranteed big return, invest in yourself.”



Social Media Start-Up Kit

Yolanda’s Instagram course took me from the very basic posts I had been doing to much more creative and eye-catching posts. 

She taught me ways to best use hashtags and tagging, how to do stories and use the highlight feature. She showed me how to add animation and graphic features to my posts and how to create reels. 

She covers everything to build your brand and connect with your audience in a creative way. Plus, Yolanda is patient, supportive, encouraging and an all-around pleasure to know and to work with. She can definitely help you achieve your goals!

Frances Nash CEO of Fran's Pies

 Get on a Discovery Call with Me

Take the first step and invest in yourself. During this 60 min consultation, we will go over your business goals, talk about your target market and map out a plan to improve your business account.

"The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity.


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