Services Offered

Looking to grow your business?  We are here to provide you with all the tools you need in order to reach your goals. Leverage your professional services to maximize your business’ profit. Find out more by exploring the services below.


Social Media Strategy Coaching

We will work together using your phone on Zoom. After each lesson, you will be able to take what you learned and use it that day. 

Week 1 - Build a Killer IG Business Bio / Understand Your Insights / Learn about your followers / Save time and discover the best times and days to post. 

Week 2 - Learn about tagging and hashtag etiquette/ How to have fun with Emojis and GIF / Create weekly content creation worksheets/ Design flyers with Canva.

Week 3 -  Learn about My Story/ Create Highlights / Short cuts tips to make  Reels/ Do an  IG LIVE!

All assignments will be on the SLACK assignment board. This is a communication platform where we can have a private one-on-one discussion, and you can ask as many questions as you like. 

*Option of in-person meeting is also available per request.  

Social Media Start Up Kit

Together we will brainstorm and create a Killer Instagram Business Bio
This will help you quickly increase your followers, boost engagement, and generate more sales.
Optimize your Instagram bio link.
When followers like what they see on your profile, you want them to take the next step.  A clear CALL TO ACTION link in your bio will connect your followers to your website. We want new followers to learn more about you and the products you sell. 
Hashtag Etiquette
When to # and when to @ before you post.

Content Creation worksheet
I will show you how easy it is to set goals and create great content for your target market using the worksheet. We will create a content creation sheet the will help save time when posting.

*If you don’t have an Instagram, no problem, we can create one together.  

Booth Makeover

Would you go into a store with dim lights and one shirt in the window? What about buying a house with dirt instead of a lawn? I can guess the answer is NO - and that is why curb appeal is so important in the market.

Do you want your customers to take you seriously and feel drawn to your booth like a moth to a flame? Then it’s time you strategically design your booth in a way that leverages and markets your products to perfection! 
With my background in hospitality and catering and your incredible products, we will be able to work together to identify improvements to your current design and get clear on how to make your vision match your look. I was also a vendor for five years, selling my products at different markets so I have a sharp eye for details and know what draws customers in to take a second look. 

How does this work? I’m glad you asked!

Step 1: In-person booth assessment 
I will come out and evaluate your booth, your location, and the flow of traffic that you experience at the market. This will give me critical insight into what is working for you and what needs to be improved.

Step 2: A custom booth blueprint 
Next, I will evaluate and write out a design plan to improve your appeal and attract new customers. I believe in recycling and using most of the props you already have before suggesting new items. Sometimes small changes can make a big difference in your sales.

Step 3: A blueprint delivered via recorded zoom session 
During a recorded Zoom call, we will go over the new design plan and work on creating a unique and improved display table that will help you reach your marketing goals. By the end of this experience together, we will be able to give the shopper an improved experience by displaying your products to draw them in to buy.  

Discovery Call

 It’s time to transform your business, and Eatin' and Sippin' Locally is here to give you the tools you need in order to succeed. I'm here to help you take the next step.  Have more questions? Book a 30 min chat with me and let's talk more about your business needs.